Wednesday, May 02, 2007

[Kusama-Yayoi colored Coke vending machine]

What surprising color is this?

This machine is at Matsumoto city museum.
only 15 min from Matsumoto station on foot.
(You can get 100Yen Bus or Taxi there.)

Enjoy Coke , Enjoy Yayoi color.



Northern Japanese Alps Mt.Jonen is in front of Azumino.

We love this mountain. Morning, daytime, evening,and of course at night.

this picture is from my secret place


[Matsmoto-castle with Cherry blossoms at spring night]

This is a castle one of the oldest castle in Japan.

It's only 15 min from Matsumoto station on foot.

Please push here if you want to learn this castle.
Live camera


There is a Note vending machine in Zenkoji Temple.

A great priest appropriates beads to people's heads every morning.
People become happy by that.

Can you find the vending machine?


Friday, July 09, 2004

While it is convenient about an automatic vending machine, the various problems have been pointed out.
Bad influence to view
Monopolization to the road
Scattering of container dust
Risk that falls
Global warming issue by CO2 discharge
About these problems, each automatic vending machine industry corresponds and have intended solution sensibly.
However, I have the problem that is able to say in all of the destiny that comes from the nature about the automatic vending machine.

It is the bad influence to the area economy by the profits concentration to the oppression, the center of the loss, area retails of employment.
I think that I want to be going to study it about this problem in this blog.

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